Founded in 1967, Sugyp specializes in the import and distribution of products on the Swiss market, as well as in the creation and organization of pyrotechnic shows.



SUGYP-IMPORT G.PORCHET was set up in Grandson (VD).



Start of the firework branch. The company has become a major player in pyrotechnics in French speaking Switzerland.


New leadership

The company became SUGYP SA, managed by Jean-Pascal and Nicolas Guinand, two brothers who shared the same passion for fireworks.

From 2007, under the leadership of Jean-Pascal and Nicolas Guinand, the company continues its growth, including structural: acquisition of new pyrotechnic deposits, acquisition of vehicles of transport ADR, implementation of procedures of realization of great shows, acquisition of digital firing systems.

Indeed if methods change, that's to serve the strong artistic creativity and the new technical challenges insufflated by Jean-Pascal and Nicolas Guinand, who project SUGYP in a new international pyrotechnic dimension.

In less than 10 years, following dynamics of the new leadership, the number of pyrotechnics shows is doubled, with several big shows abroad, and position SUGYP as the first west-swiss actor for the fireworks.

On October 1st, 2018, SUGYP and SSE Holding (Swiss Explosive Society) decided to unite their skills and resources in the field of pyrotechnic shows, bringing together all relevant operational activities within SUGYP SWISS PYROTECHNICS .

This collaboration allows the new entity to expand its activities throughout the Swiss market and become the leader in the field of pyrotechnic shows , with for example, over 250 displays for 1st August Swiss National Holiday celebrations.

SUGYP today is a team of 14 people full time and more than 200 skilled pyrotechnicians.

Since the summer of 2023, Sugyp has moved to concentrate all its activities in its new building in Corcelles-près-Payerne (VD).