Here are some videos of the shows that we presented in competitions and festivals.

1er prix Cannes Fireworks Competition 2023

1er prix Cannes Fireworks Competition 2022

1er prix Les Masters de Feu Competition Compiègne 2022

Report behind the scenes of SUGYP 2019

The Grand Fireworks display of Geneva 2019

Geneva festival Making of 2019

9th PIPC - Manila 2018

The Grand Fireworks displays of Geneva 2018

Ignis Brunensis - Brno 2017

Pyromagic "Master of Masters" - Szczecin 2017

Geneva Festival 2014 –  Sugyp show part

Pyromagic -Szczecin 2016

Special Effects Paléo Festival 2015

Hanover International Pyrotechnic Competition 2014

Ignis Brunensis - Brno 2013

« Vols de Nuit », Fête des Lumières de Lyon 2013 (extracts)

Fête des Vendanges Neuchâtel 2010

Montréal Fireworks Festival 2012

Geneva festival Making of 2010

Montréal Fireworks Festival Making of 2012